Art & Design at Riverview Infants

At the beginning of this term, RVI had a visit from an Ofsted Inspector conducting a research project into how Art & Design is taught across schools in the UK. He was extremely impressed with the Art Curriculum and the learning opportunities provided to all children.

The children were able to explain what they had been learning in Art and the inspector saw some great Art lessons where children were applying the Art skills and knowledge they have been acquiring all year!

It was amazing to show how creative and expressive the children are at Riverview. Art is such an important subject, and we ensure children have the time and opportunities to learn about a range of artists and explore different mediums and materials. It was a really useful visit and great to show how fantastic we are!


  1. Year R Reception Collaborative Rock Pool Art
  2. Year 2 Art using Pastels inspired by paintings of the Great Fire of London
  3. Year 1 Shape Castles inspired by Paul Klee
  4. Year 2 Mixed Media Art inspired by Rousseau

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