Please see below details of our governance arrangements along with information for each Member and Trustee who has served at any point over the past 12 months and, where applicable, their full name, date of appointment, term of office, date they stepped down, who appointed them, and relevant business and pecuniary interests including governance roles in other educational institutions. This information complies with the requirements of the Academy Trust Handbook. This information complies with the requirements of the Academy Trust Handbook and the Academy Trust Governance Guide.

  • Chair of the Board of Trustees: Mr Philip Vander Gucht.
  • Trustee with responsibility for Safeguarding: Mrs Sue Philips.
  • Accounting Officer of the Trust and Chief Executive Officer: Mr Garry Ratcliffe.

The Purpose of Trust Governance is:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Accountability and Assurance
  • Strategic Engagement
Trade Union Officials

The amount of time taken off each year by our staff across our schools who are union officials = zero hours.

“Outstanding Clerk to a Governing Board” (2021)

All of our tiers of governance are supported by Ms S Steven, the Trust’s Governance Professional who was the winner of the “Outstanding Clerk to a Governing Board” award at the 2021 National Governance Association Awards.


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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values