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Reading by 5

Reading is the essential building block for learning.  

Children learn phonics as the first step in understanding language and how to read. As time goes on, they learn how to associate these sounds with words and eventually, read.  

However, we recognise that all children learn differently and at their own pace, and that some of our pupils may face unavoidable barriers throughout their journey.  

As part of The Golden Thread’s core ethos, we believe that reading should be a right, not a privilege.   

That’s why our aim is for all our children to be able to read by age 5. 

We employ a variety of learning pathways from EYFS to Year 2 to ensure this ambitious goal is met and that nobody is left behind.  

Our phonics programme is the main tool that helps us assess the needs of every child and make sure we are offering additional support where needed.  

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Our aims

Children will be able to read Green Books.

Green Books Children put their knowledge of phonics into action by sounding words out loud.

Children will be able to read Blue Books.

Blue BooksChildren progress from sounding words out loud to learning how to sight read.

Children will be able to read Accelerated Reader Books.

Accelerated Reader BooksChildren become more confident in their reading abilities. 

The Golden Thread 100
A young boy is holding a book called What Colour Is Love?
The Golden 100

Finding joy in reading for pleasure is essential to improve children’s cognitive skills and create lifelong learners. 

That’s why our children read, listen to, and share The Golden 100 – the 100 books that every child should read! 

Our aim is for all of our pupils to have dived into these books before they leave Year 6, so they can become more confident in their reading skills and promote the love of reading among their peers and family.  

The 100 books in our list have been carefully nominated and selected to showcase a variety of themes, genres and characters, ensuring that children’s reading experience is as diverse and multidimensional as can be. 

We ensure our teachers keep track of their reading progress through a handy record book and portfolio, so that everyone can progress at an even pace despite possible changes in staff.  

And as we believe in rewarding our children just as much as pushing them to achieve more, we also ensure that all pupils are rewarded for their hard work with a certificate for each phase of the list they complete! 

With plenty of extra activities, events and competitions to look forward to, the Golden 100 initiative is designed to make reading fun and enjoyable beyond the confines of the classroom.  

A young boy is smiling as he reads a book.
What titles can you expect from our list?

EYFS – Coming to England, Pete the Cat, The Tiger who Came to Tea, and many others. 

KS1 – Fantastic Mr Fox, The Giving Tree, Aesop’s Fables, and many others. 

KS2 – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell, Matilda, and many others. 

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