School Improvement

Our improvement strategy is based on this vision and on an academy’s capacity to improve. As a Trust, children are at the heart of all we do; we aim to support all of our academies to provide the best possible outcomes and the Trust improvement strategy seeks to achieve this.

The Trust recognises that there is much to celebrate in every academy and looks to develop academies that are diverse and that reflect the communities they serve; individuality and creativity are celebrated.

Our Educational Vision

Our vision is that all students, regardless of background or need, will achieve highly and have high levels of wellbeing. They will be well prepared for their next steps, and go on to lead happy, purposeful, rewarding lives, making a positive contribution to the world as global citizens.

The curriculum is central to this vision, as it ultimately determines what our students will learn and experience during their time with us. While each Golden Thread school has its own curriculum intent statement that reflects its individual context and values, every curriculum aligns with our Trust’s key principles.

Curriculum Principles:

  • School outcomes will meet or exceed the standards of similar schools.
  • Trust outcomes will be above the national average for each subject at each
    key stage.
  • Every child will listen to, share and read the ‘Golden 100’ – our list of 100 key books.
  • There will be no gaps in outcomes between different groups of pupils, including pupil premium groups.
  • Children with SEND will have a comprehensive and robust programme of support. Each individual will achieve the best outcomes possible.
  • Our highest achieving children will be challenged, stretched and given time to deepen their understanding.
  • We will provide opportunities for all children to develop wider skills, knowledge
    and interests outside of the formal curriculum.
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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values