Our Vision & Values

Every child, in every school, will confidently grasp the challenges of tomorrow.

Our vision is one of ambition, excellence and equality. 

The Golden Thread Alliance is committed to ensuring our schools’ outcomes are, at minimum, in line with statistically similar schools, while always aiming higher. 

As a Trust, we are committed to ensuring our collective outcomes are above the national average for each subject, at each key stage. 

We want all students, regardless of background or need, to achieve highly and have high levels of wellbeing.

Rather than downplaying our differences, we recognise and celebrate them together, so we can learn how to respect each other and provide personalised support when needed.  

This is what allows us to make sure every single one of our children can fulfil their potential for greatness and grow into a compassionate, responsible adult.

We, alongside our schools, staff and children are guided by seven core values. 

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  • Respect : We respect everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from.  
  • Equality: We value each person, celebrate our differences and give everyone all that they need to thrive.
  • Courage: We keep trying, even when things are hard. 
  • Integrity: We are always honest with others and ourselves.  
  • Ambition: We set high expectations and work hard to meet them.  
  • Kindness: We look after those around us.  
  • Responsibility: We share credit when things go well and take ownership when times are tough.  

Our children, parents and staff remember the seven values we live by following our Golden Thread poem, shared in each of our schools:  

“Here we are all different in how we talk, learn and play,

But we have our seven values and we live them every day.

We’re respectful and ambitious, we’re responsible and kind,

We believe in courage and equality, so no one’s left behind.

We have integrity, so we’re honest (we do just what we said).

We look after each other, and that’s our Golden Thread!”

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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values