Our Team

Central Team

Angela Lusk – Executive Assistant to the CEO 

Kate George – Executive Assistant to the CFO/COO 

Sarah Steven – Governance Professional  

Debbie Clarke-Basrai – Safeguarding Officer 

Darren Stephens – Communications Manager 

Chris Caroll – Catering Manager 

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Team

Sarah Heaver – Deputy Headteacher (Initial Teacher Training/Early Career Teachers and CPD) 

Todd Sillett – Deputy Headteacher (Data and Assessment) 

Vicki Brown – Assistant Headteacher (English) 

Janine Baloi – Cover Teacher 

Louise Havercan – Cover Teacher 

Jo Hawkins – Supply Teacher 

Jo Gill – Supply Teacher 

Finance and Business Team

Mikala Hannaway – Deputy CFO 

Victoria Windus – Deputy COO 

Parminder Narwan – Senior Finance Officer 

Desserri Payne – Finance Officer 

Skye Harvey – Finance Officer 

Lesley Palmer – Finance Assistant 

Patricia Humphrey – Finance Assistant 

Jane Lucking – Finance Assistant 

Laurence Fletcher – Finance Assistant 

Human Resources Team

Stacey Wright – Head of HR 

Lucy Wisdom – HR Officer 

Tina Ricketts – HR Officer 

Hayley Clive – HR Officer 

Specialist Leaders of Education and Lead Practitioner Team

Sarah Heaver – Deputy Headteacher (Phonics SLE) 

Jane Knight – Assistant Headteacher (SEND SLE) 

Dinah Lowdell – Assistant Headteacher (EYFS SLE) 

Rachel Aram – Music Lead 

Emily Gould – History Lead 

Melissa Scott – E-Safety Lead 

Sophie Dalton – E-Safety Lead 

Layla Collins – English Lead 

Jack Morrison – PE and Health Lead 

Jack Keen – STEM Lead 

Charlotte Casey – SEND Lead 

Dan Taylor – SEND Lead 

Pennie Hills – EYFS Lead 

Alex Burnett – Science Lead 

Matthew Brooker – Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead (Staff) 

Annie Jones – Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead (Pupils) 

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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values