As united as
we are different.

Welcome to
The Golden Thread Alliance

The Golden Thread Alliance is a Multi Academy Trust with nine incredible primary schools under its wing, each with its own unique character and history. 

Our Trust was formed in January 2023 following the merger of Galaxy Trust in Dartford and Pathway Trust in Gravesham, resulting in a bigger family, bigger responsibilities, and much bigger ambitions for our primaries, families and children.  

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Vision & Values

Our vision is one of ambition, excellence and equality. 

The Golden Thread Alliance is committed to ensuring our schools’ outcomes are, at minimum, in line with statistically similar schools, while always aiming higher. 

As a Trust, we are committed to ensuring our collective outcomes are above the national average for each subject, at each key stage. 

We want all students, regardless of background or need, to achieve highly and have high levels of wellbeing. 

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Wrotham Road pupils walking outside.
Teaching & Learning

Reading is the essential building block for learning.  

Children learn phonics as the first step in understanding language and how to read. As time goes on, they learn how to associate these sounds with words and eventually, read.

Teaching & Learning
Riverview Infant School pupils walking outside.
Training Offer

The Golden Thread Alliance is a Trust that balances well-being with high performance by empowering staff at every level in the belief that learning is an on-going journey, and fundamental to future success.

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